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Jet ski rentals could be on the way, pending council vote

The Worthington City Council will consider approval of a jet ski rental program in the community during its meeting on Monday..

The Park and Recreation Advisory Board, during its July 2 meeting, heard a presentation from Worthington resident Angie Palma about a jet ski rental program that she’s proposing for Lake Okabena. City staff worked with Palma in identifying the area of Centennial Boat landing as a suitable location for these rentals, if approved.


The council previously approved an electric boat rental project with another local resident five years ago. City staff has proposed that Palma follow the same set of standards that were established at that time. They include: a $1 million dollar liability insurance policy, with the city named as co-insured; a waiver signed by all users; and fees associated with use of city property ($375 annual concessions permit).


The Park and Recreation Advisory Board has recommended that council approve this rental program providing those conditions are met.


Among other business scheduled for Monday, council members will consider a resolution for a Nobles County Ditch 12 agreement. Last summer, the council approved the preparation and submission of an application for County Ditch 12 Phase 2 funding. The State of Minnesota has granted the City of Worthington $250,000, with a 20% local match requirement, for right of way land acquisition. The resolution confirms that the city agrees to the terms of the funding agreement.


In a related matter, council will consider approval of a land purchase agreement for two parcels related to the County Ditch 12 funding. The properties planned for purchase are slated for future construction in phase two of the Nobles County Ditch 12 flood mitigation project for stormwater diversion. The work is set to remove a total of 74 residences from the city’s flood plain.

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