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JBS USA recognized as Processor of the Year

Food Processing magazine has named JBS USA its Processor of the Year, recognizing its commitment to employees and its communities.


JBS is a global food company with more than 67,000 employees in the U.S. In announcing the selection, the magazine cited the growth of the Sao Paulo, Brazil-based meat processor, as well as its role in the communities it serves. It has 111 locations in the United States alone, including a pork processing facility in Worthington.


According to Food Processing magazine: "JBS USA also does a great deal for its employees, the communities it operates in, and the environment in general. Community college tuition is paid for all its employees across the country, as well as their children.

"JBS has partnered with state and local governments and non-governmental organizations to add nearly 1,500 new housing units in communities where the company has facilities. The company also has engaged with local childcare providers as well as Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCAs to expand their facilities to provide slots for JBS workers’ families."

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