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Hagedorn warns of impact of global microchip shortage

Minnesota First District Rep. Jim Hagedorn and Tennessee Rep. John Rose sent a letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan on Friday expressing concern regarding availability of replacement diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) sensors for American truckers due to the global microchip shortage as well as urging the EPA to support efforts to implement a new software update.

DEF sensors are required on over-the-road diesel trucks and motor carriers to meet EPA emissions requirements, and recently the shortage of microchips has resulted in trucks being parked longer than necessary causing further strain on the supply chain crisis. Said Hagedorn: “As we enter this holiday season, American truckers and motor carriers are busier than ever. Now, thanks to failed Democrat economic policies, America is enduring a catastrophic supply chain crisis - which has been exacerbated by this severe microchip shortage.

“The lack of microchips has left trucks parked for 10 days or longer, resulting in hardships and delays for independent truckers, shippers, freight carriers, and consumers. Implementing a new software update, with little cost or regulations, would greatly reduce the burden on our motor carriers who are working tirelessly to deliver goods across America,” Hagedorn continued. "We are encouraging EPA to address this fix quickly and get our trucks back on the road.”

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