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Hagedorn blasts 'socialist' legislation

Minnesota First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn condemned in a Tuesday press release legislation that raises the national debt ceiling by trillions of dollars “to pay for House Democrats’ $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree as well as their other socialist policies.” The measure passed in the House by a party line vote of 220-211. Said Hagedorn: “After amassing nearly $30 trillion in national debt, Speaker Pelosi and Democrats want a blank check to keep spending and growing the federal government. The expiring U.S. debt limit already paid for all of the costly federal deficit spending from the first seven months of Biden’s presidency and previous administrations. Today’s Democrat stunt is designed to greenlight a debt limit increase and ram through their massive $3.5 trillion reconciliation boondoggle and radically transform America into a socialist, one-party state. To be clear, this multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spend spree calls for the highest sustained federal spending levels in American history that will continue to fuel inflation, kill high-wage jobs, and foster more government dependency.

“Democrats are clearly more concerned with pushing their radical agenda rather than addressing the litany of crises facing our country due to the Biden Administration and failed leftist polices. Their agenda will only harm hard-working American families, undermine economic growth, and jeopardize our country’s future.”

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