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Fogelman, Minnesota House approve tax legislation

The Minnesota House of Representatives has approved tax conformity legislation that will align Minnesota’s tax system with tax changes that have been made at the federal level. District 21B Rep. Marj Fogelman (R-Fulda) voted in favor of the measure.

Said Fogelman in a press release: “This was the right thing to do for the people of Minnesota. Approving this legislation will lead to fewer headaches for residents this tax season and will allow them to take advantage of federal tax revisions."

Fogelman added that the federal government periodically passes tax laws that are helpful to filers. But if the state doesn’t conform their tax laws to what has been approved in Washington, the taxpayers aren’t able to take advantage of the benefits.

In this case, Minnesota hadn’t conformed its state’s tax code in five years.

Fogelman also noted that prior to the House floor vote, Minnesota House Republicans who sit on the House Taxes Committee prevented nearly $100 million in tax increases from being included in the conformity proposal.

The bill was approved by a 132-0 vote and has now been sent to the Minnesota Senate for its approval.

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