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Fogelman hoping for session that 'avoids craziness'

District 21B Rep. Marj Fogelman issued a press release last week shortly after the start of the 2024 legislative session, noting that she would "prefer a session that focuses on common sense problems and avoids craziness."


Fogelman said that, “thanks to Democrat mismanagement, we’re on the brink of a fiscal mess. They blew through a $20 billion budget surplus and a $10 billion tax increase and expected incoming revenue to keep pace, and now we have a budget deficit projected next year. Democrats should take a step back and try to right this wrong, but I won’t hold my breath.”


Fogelman said her personal priorities for this session include lowering taxes and helping the middle class and rural employers try to survive the Biden/Walz economy. She also believes Democrats should address what she called "the insane expense" they approved last session that will spend $730 million on a new state office building.

Fogelman urges residents to contact her with any legislative questions or concerns. She can be reached at or (651) 296-5373.

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