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Fogelman a "no vote" on transportation funding plan

District 21A Rep. Marj Fogelman said in a press release Thursday that she opposed a transportation funding package approved by the Minnesota House of Representatives that she says raises taxes and fees on Minnesotans by roughly $3.5 billion.

Said Fogelman: “After the Democrats decided to include inflation in our budget forecast, we still had a windfall of more than $17 billion. With that kind of money laying around, I cannot understand why there is any need to increase the cost of registration tabs, driver’s license applications, renewal fees and much more.”

Fogelman added that the biggest financial hit will be directed toward those who live and shop in the metro area, as a ¾ of a cent sales tax increase is expected to raise more than $2 billion. She added that if you enjoy having items delivered to your home, you'll soon pay more for the privilege, as the transportation proposal "includes a 75-cent delivery tax that will be implemented every time someone drops off your order at your front door," Fogelman said.

Other questionable spending priorities in the proposal, Fogelman said, are $194 million to fund a high-speed train to Duluth, and enough money to fund 172 brand new, full-time employees for the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

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