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Finstad touts new legislation for rural America

Minnesota 1st District Rep. Brad Finstad -- along with fellow Minnesota Congressman Pete Stauber as well as Congressman Jared Golden of Maine and Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin -- have introduced the Protecting Infrastructure Investments for Rural America Act, legislation which would remove barriers for rural communities to apply for and receive funding under the Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program, also known as the Rural Grant Program.

Explained Finstad in a press release: “Congress created the Rural Grant Program in 2021 to ensure that vital federal resources were available to help rebuild roads in rural America. Unfortunately, statutory barriers and significant implementation problems have repeatedly disadvantaged rural areas. Communities such as Fresno, CA – which boasts a population of over 500,000 according to the U.S. Census Bureau – is receiving funding through the “Rural” Grant Program, showing the blatant disregard the Department of Transportation has shown for our rural communities and the underlying Congressional intent."

The Protecting Infrastructure Investments for Rural America Act is endorsed by the Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT), National Association of Towns and Townships (NATaT), and the National Association of Counties (NACo).

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