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Finstad is a "no" on debt ceiling legislation

Minnesota Rep. Brad Finstad was a "no" vote Wednesday on the Fiscal Responsibility Act approved by the U.S. House.

"House Republicans acted 35 days ago to responsibly address America’s debt crisis and rein in federal spending,” said Finstad, a Republican who represents Minnesota's First District. “While President Biden chose to wait until the last minute to come to the negotiating table, I appreciate House Republican Leadership’s efforts to work toward a sensible solution.

“Every single one of us should be concerned about the fiscal trajectory of this country and the burden of debt on the American taxpayer. I was proud that House Republicans passed the Limit, Save, Grow Act, a robust framework that takes commonsense steps to address the debt ceiling. Unfortunately, for me, the deal outlined in the Fiscal Responsibility Act doesn’t go far enough to address the key drivers of our national debt and falls short of the necessary reforms to fix a broken Washington. “While this deal may present some short-term improvements, it still adds nearly $4 trillion to our national debt and does not stop the out-of-control government spending that will bankrupt our children and grandchildren. “I will continue fighting for the people of southern Minnesota by supporting solutions that truly bend the curve on the national debt and get a handle on rampant government spending that is fueling the inflation that is economically crippling families across the First District.”

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