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Finstad 'disappointed' in removal of House Speaker

Minnesota 1st District U.S. Congressman Brad Finstad says in a press release that he’s “disappointed in (the) chaos that brought the business of the People’s House to a grinding halt” following Tuesday’s ouster of Kevin McCarthy from the House Speaker post.

Said Finstad in the press release: “Under Speaker McCarthy’s leadership, Republicans have rejected Washington’s business as usual and kept our commitment to return the House to regular order in the appropriations process. After years of last-minute, thousand-page omnibus bills, this Republican majority has passed four appropriations bills accounting for nearly 70% of our country’s spending – and we were set to pass two more this week. “Rather than continuing to focus on the eight remaining appropriations bills that will fund the government, a few members of the Republican conference chose to play out their personal grievances on the House Floor by introducing a motion to vacate the Speaker,” he continued. “Not only are these theatrics a distraction from the serious work that we have before us in Congress, but it only contributes to the dysfunction in Washington that southern Minnesotans are tired of, which is why I voted no on the resolution."

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