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Federated Rural Electric awards more than $32,000 through Operation Round Up program

The Federated Rural Electric Trust, Jackson, recognized local organizations receiving $32,228 through Operation Round Up. These donations occur due to monthly contributions by participating Federated members.

The Trust Board set aside funding for nine $700 high school scholarships for Federated members in 2023. Plus, 31 groups received money in this 56th round of funding. Those include:

Heron Lake-Okabena Elementary physical education classes, $200; HL-O Elementary occupational therapy, $238; Jackson County Central Agriculture Department, a total of $1,382; City of Jackson Park Board, $400; Fairmont Girls Basketball Association, $500; HL-O High School Agriculture Department, $500; JCC Riverside Elementary Special Education, $500; Family Services Network, Jackson, $500; Reinbows Inc., Windom, $500; JCC’s Lakefield tennis courts, $554; Jackson County Sheriff's Office, a total of $1,129; Lakefield Fire Rescue, $600; Dunnell Lake Fremont Fire Department, $600; JCC First Grade, $605; Granada-Huntley-East Chain Elementary, $683; JCC Riverside Elementary, $700; BIO Girls, Jackson-Lakefield, $888; Caregiver Response Effort & Service Team, Fairmont, $900; East Chain Activity Center $1,000; HL-O School pool, $1,000; HL-O Robotics Teams, $1,000; Alpha Fire Department, $1,000; Lakefield Ambulance Service, $1,250; HL-O High School Industrial Tech, $1,500; Sherburn Fire Department, $1,500; Jackson Ambulance Service, $1,500; Round Lake Fire Department, $1,500; Business, Arts & Recreation Center, Windom, $1,500; Jackson County Library system, $1,799.

The Trust Board received 46 applications totaling $73,832 in this 56th round of funding. The Trust Board will meet again in the spring to determine the next round of funding. The deadline for submitting applications is Feb. 10.

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