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Federated awards scholarships to nine students

Nine area graduates have a diploma in one hand and a Federated scholarship in the other.

The Federated Rural Electric Trust recently awarded nine $700 scholarships. One scholarship was awarded in each of the six Federated districts, plus three more to the son/daughter of a Federated member for District At-Large where remaining applicants had a second chance to win. These are the same districts used for the co-op’s director elections.

The recipients from each district are listed:

District 1: Aaden Nauman, Windom. He graduates from Windom Area High School. Nauman is the son of Jennifer.

District 2: Devin Untiedt, Lakefield. He graduates from Harris-Lake Park High School. Untiedt is the son of Shane Untiedt and Amy Watje.

District 3: Nolan Ambrose, Jackson. He graduates from Jackson County Central High School. Ambrose is the son of Jeremy & Kassie.

District 4: Brynn Gustafson, Fairmont. She graduates from Fairmont Area High School. Gustafson is the daughter Kyle & Patricia.

District 5: Cameron Schmidtke, Fairmont. He graduates from Fairmont Area High School. Schmidtke is the son of Ryan & Kristin.

District 6: Olivia Mattson, Granada. She graduates from Granada Huntley East Chain High School. Mattson is the daughter of Bradley & Jackie.

At-Large District: Sarah Matasovsky, Jackson. She graduates from Martin Luther High School. Matasovsky is the daughter of Steve & Brenda.

At-Large District: Jaydan Moses, Armstrong, IA. She graduates from Fairmont Area High School. Moses is the daughter of Deborah Tietje.

At-Large District: Nolan Madsen, Okabena. He graduates from Heron Lake-Okabena High School. Madsen is the son of Gary & Jody.

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