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Father-daughter duo find medallion in Centennial Park

The father-daughter team of Steve Hohensee and Jackie Morrison located the King Turkey Medallion on Wednesday morning at the Centennial Park water tower.

Hohensee and Morrison will share $100 in cash as the prize awarded by the King Turkey Day Board of Directors. Here's a complete list of clues written for the annual medallion hunt this week:


It’s a Monday Funday

Cause King Turkey Day week is here

Time to show our hometown pride

By spreading lots of good cheer


It's Two-fer Tuesday

Here's what I think

If you're thirsty

Go get yourself a drink


It's Wayback Wednesday

Time for a little horseplay

While you search for me keep your eyes peeled

For what was long ago a polo field


Calling today Thirsty Thursday is very fitting

It ties in perfectly with where I am sitting!

If you're a person who is parched or a bird looking for a perch

You'll know exactly where to search


Feelgood Friday is here

Now, I'll make my whereabouts perfectly clear

A splash pad, a skate park, a ballfield, I'm surrounded by fun places to go

I'm nearby, attached to a tower full of H2O!

To hear an interview with Hohensee and Morrison, visit PODCASTS | Radio Works (

Left to right: Steve Hohensee, Jackie Morrison, KTD Board President Holly Sieve.

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