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Drought still here, but some relief is on the way

Drought is still a worry for people across the area, even during harvest season, when dry conditions can mean that a small spark can set a whole field ablaze.

Drought conditions in some counties like Nobles and Cottonwood have seen a worsening of drought conditions in recent weeks. One hundred percent of Nobles County is impacted by drought, and steadily more of the county has been taken by severe drought conditions. Almost 70% of the county is now in those conditions. One hundred percent of Murray County sits in severe drought, and a little more than 40% of Cottonwood County as well.

To the east, things seem a bit better. Martin County has decreased their share of severe drought from 17% to just 5%, though the entire county is still under moderate drought conditions. Weather this week might give some relief, with cooler temperatures and lower wind speeds forecast through Wednesday night, where showers are likely. There’s a 50 percent chance that night, then a 90 percent chance throughout Thursday, and a 80 percent chance through Friday.

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