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COVID case count down, but Nobles County official is wary

There are 142 Nobles County individuals who currently have COVID-19 infections within the 10-day isolation period, according to the data released Wednesday by the Nobles County COVID-19 Joint Information Team. That’s 132 less than the case count reported by the team on Jan. 21.

“I am happy to report the recorded COVID isolation numbers are lower in all age categories this week,” Nobles County Emergency Management Director Tawn Hall said in Wednesday morning’s press release. This number of current isolation counts is about half of what we saw at the end of last week.”

However, Hall added, “This is bittersweet news as the state is awaiting review of 31,300-plus tests that go back as far as Jan. 3. We also know all the home tests getting taken are not being reported to the state to be recorded. Therefore, we know the number of actual cases is higher than the number reflects.”

Nobles County infection counts as reported Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Health were 6,369 total confirmations – 217 more than the previous report – along with 6,171 cases that are past the 10-day isolation. There have been 56 COVID-related deaths in the county.

The 142 known, currently-infected residents fall into the following age ranges and are indicated along with the change from the previous report: birth-age 10, 15 (down eight); 11-15, two (down 17); 16-19, seven (down 15); 20-25, 22 (down two); 26-50, 56 (down 72); 51-64, 28 (down seven); and ages 65 and older, 12 (down 11).

The Federal Government has issued a test for every home program. To request a free test kit by mail, visit

Area private-vaccine providers in Nobles County, all in Worthington, are Access Family Medical Clinic/Avera Medical Group, Hy-Vee Pharmacy, Sanford Health, Sterling Drug and Walgreens.

Contact Nobles County Public Health at 295-5213 for more COVID-related information.

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