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Council to consider purchase of new video cameras

Among the items on the agenda for Monday's Worthington City Council meeting is consideration of a proposal from the security company Midwest Alarms that would put video cameras in city parks and on city buildings.

The proposal, which is in the amount of $81,334.30, would include all of the cameras, servers and network equipment needed for a turn-key system. The facilities and areas included in this proposal are:

  • Buss Field and 10th Street Plaza cloud video system.

  • Chautauqua Park cloud video system.

  • Centennial Park cloud video system.

  • Olson Park cloud video system.

  • Theater parking cameras.

  • Water tower wireless links, and equipment.

As the city has experienced issues with vandalism incident, staff believes it's important to monitor those facilities. These systems would also allow for law enforcement to check and investigate any illegal activities occurring in these areas.

The Park and Recreation Advisory Board reviewed this proposal and is in support of council's acceptance. Staff has proposed using COVID relief funds to fund this system.

In a separate matter, council members will consider approval of Short Elliot Hendrickson's design and construction plans for the Olson Park pedestrian project. The work would include an 8-foot wide, fully ADA approved steel structured walk bridge. The proposed walk bridge would replace the existing bridge that connects the Olson Park Trail to Sunset Park.

If approved, bids will be advertised on the city website beginning Tuesday. Bids would then be opened May 17 and a contract awarded May 23.

The council will also consider approval of a new Law Enforcement Labor Services #274 three-year contract agreement. LELS #274 represents patrol sergeants, the detective sergeant and dispatch supervisor.

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