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Council to consider PJC storage facility, road turnback

The Worthington City Council on Monday is scheduled to act on the development and construction of an impound vehicle storage facility at the Prairie Justice Center.

In a memorandum to council members include their Monday meeting packet, it's written that the Law Enforcement Center's Joint Operations Committee has been considering development of an impounded vehicle storage building since 2007. The intent of this project, which includes both a building and fenced area, is to store some impounded vehicles in a secure building and place other vehicles inside a fenced area for both security and visibility.

Cost of the project would be shared equally by the city and Nobles County. The project includes a 60-foot x 120-foot building and approximately 1000 feet of 7-feet-high chain link fencing with two cantilever rolling gates, enclosing an area approximately 200-feet x 300 feet. The estimated cost of the project is $343,421.

Council action is requested to approve the project contingent upon approval by the Nobles County board.

In a separate matter, council members are slated to consider the transferring jurisdiction of Trunk Highway 59 from Interstate 90 to Oxford Street, as well as from Humiston Avenue to Trunk Highway 60 (east Oxford Street), to the city of Worthington. The turnback would occur after completion of reconstruction of this segment of the roadway, currently scheduled for 2027.

Studies indicate that this roadway is used primarily by local traffic and therefore is better suited to the city roadway system from both design and maintenance perspectives. Four roadway segment designs are currently being considered.

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