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Council to consider improvements at CAL

The Worthington City Council is scheduled to consider during its Monday meeting the authorization of advertisement for bids to repair damages caused last year by water intrusion from the roof at the Center for Active Living.

Improvements include the restoration of two racquetball courts to their original condition as the base bid. This work will include installing new hardwood floors, laminate clad wood wall and ceiling panels, new interior lighting and replacement of the doors. An alternate bid item will also be included to provide additional improvements to the northern racquetball court to create a much-needed meeting space.

Alternate bid items include an acoustical ceiling with LED lighting, acoustical wall panels throughout the room, widening of the existing entry door to create an accessible entry and new HVAC system for the meeting room. Additional power, data and wireless internet access points will also be provided in the meeting space as part of the alternate bid item.

The racquetball court restoration work at the CAL will be covered by insurance while the additional work to add meeting capabilities will be covered by city funds. Bids would be advertised on Wednesday. Bids would be received on Sept. 7 and offered for consideration by the council on Sept.11.

Also Monday, council members are expected to review and consider a draft ordinance pertaining to allowing the operation of motorized golf carts in the city. Council asked staff to prepare a draft ordinance following a discussion during their previous meeting.

An update on recent Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities is also scheduled to be presented Monday by Bradley Peterson of the CGMC.

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