Council set to consider changing in parking restrictions

A change in current parking restrictions on 11th Street from Second Avenue to Third Avenue will be considered by Worthington City Council members during the council's meeting tonight.

Currently, parking on the block is restricted to two hours, with no parking between the hours of 1 and 6 a.m. Jill Cuperus, director of the Center for Active Living -- which is located on the block -- has requested the change, as she says it will allow people utilizing the CAL to use the facility without having to move their vehicles after two hours. The parking restrictions on the other blocks of 11th Street are currently four hours.

The city's Traffic and Safety Committee has already reviewed the request and recommended that parking now be limited to four hours instead of two on the block of 11th Street between Second and Third Avenue. No parking will continue to be allowed between 1 and 6 a.m.

Also during Monday's meeting, the council is slated to approve plans for the 2022 bituminous pavement projects. Details on improvements for five different streets -- Apel Avenue, Bristol Street, Cynthia Avenue, Eleanor Street and West Oxford Street -- were presented and approved following a March 28 hearing with no public comment.

A resolution pertaining to the intent to bond for cots incurred in making public improvement -- in this case, the bituminous project -- will also be considered. Work on the five streets carries a maximum bond amount of $1,302,000; a project along Eighth Avenue from Ninth Street to its westerly terminus carries a maximum bond amount of $1,225,000.

Also on the agenda is potential approval of a preliminary plat in the Drost Addition at Nobles County 35 and Nobles County 5 that would create one new lot containing an existing residential home and some accessory buildings.

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