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Council approves user fees for outdoor aquatics center

The Worthington Economic Development Authority on Monday approved a façade improvement matching grant application of behalf of Bedford Industries for work to be done on its building located at 121 Oxford St. – the smaller building across from Eagles Lodge.

Work included on this application includes replacement of windows on the building. Johnson Builders & Realty will also be completing additional work beyond the façade improvements to fix up the building. Plans for the building are unknown at this time.

One bid from Worthington Glass for $32,226.92 was secured for the work, and Worthington Glass will be a subcontractor to Johnson Builders & Realty for the project. The subject property is zoned ‘B-3’ General Business District and is eligible for a 1:2 match up to $5,000. EDA members approved on Monday the application for $5,000.

It was noted that the EDA has approved other projects with only one bid, despite a two-bid requirement. It was also indicated that the threshold for receiving the maximum grant award is $15,000. Since the project is well over that amount, it was unlikely that a second bid would change that.

The Worthington City Council met immediately following the EDA, and the meeting opened with a presentation from Minnesota West President Terry Gaalswyk. One of several items touched upon by Gallswyk was desired bonding for projects at both the Worthington and Granite Falls campuses. Work planned in Worthington would pertain to both the nursing and law enforcement programs.

Among the business items during Monday's council meeting, council members approved the 2023 fee schedule for the new Worthington Outdoor Aquatic Center.

The city of Worthington has entered into an agreement with the Worthington Area YMCA to manage the new Aquatic Center. The YMCA and city representatives agreed on a fee schedule that includes seasonal passes for "Y" members and non-members, along with daily pass fees.

Fees approved include:

3 to 17 years old -- $75 seasonal fee for a non-member; $50 seasonal fee for a member; day fee $6

18 years and older -- $100 seasonal fee for a non-member; $66 seasonal fee for a

member; day fee $8

Family -- $150 seasonal fee for a non-member family of up to four and $30 per additional person; $99 seasonal fee for members; and day fee of $20 for a family of up to four and $5 per additional person.

The outdoor aquatics center is expected to open June 1.

Council members also approved a bid in the amount of $223,463 from Beltline Concrete for the planned Worthington Liquor Store parking lot reconstruction project. It was the lowest of three bids received for the project and came in 7.1% under the engineer’s estimate.

Additionally, council members approved a professional services agreement for development of the city’s website with Granicus. The city’s website was developed about 15 years ago, and the web design firm from that time is no longer in business. The cost of developing the Granicus Web Enhanced Package is a one-time fee of $18,000 plus an annual Open Cities license. That license is $10,000 for year one with a five percent (5%) increase each additional year with a five-year initial commitment.

Worthington City Administrator Steve Robinson also offered praise for clean-up crews that put in significant hours during last week’s severe weather. Director of Public Works Todd Wietzema thanked the police department for enforcement of snow emergency rules on no street parking.

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