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Code amendment, chicken request on Monday agenda

The Worthington City Council on Monday will consider a text amendment to city code that removes the requirement that auto repair shops must screen all inoperable vehicles behind a 6-foot screening fence.

During its April 4 meeting, the Worthington Planning Commission hosted a public hearing and voted unanimously to recommend approval of the proposed text amendment. That was based on action the commission took last month while considering a conditional use permit. The Planning Commission recommended that a diesel repair business not be required to screen its property with a 6-foot screening fence as stated by city code.

The city council subsequently agreed with the planning commission and directed staff to bring forth a text amendment to remove the screening requirement. Council members on Monday will consider whether to approve a first reading of the proposed ordinance to change the city code. A 4/5 majority vote is required for approval.

Also scheduled for Monday's meeting is a continuation of a discussion that began during the March 13 council meeting after being brought forward by resident Tony Vetsch, who is requesting that chickens be allowed within city limits. Council at the time requested that staff do some additional research before bringing the topic back for further consideration. Allowing chickens in the city would necessitate multiple changes in city code, and concerns regarding potential permits and enforcement would also need to be addressed.

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