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City approves CUP for auto repair business

The Worthington City Council on Monday night, after a lengthy discussion, voted to award a conditional use permit for an auto repair business at 88 ½ East 12th St.

Jorge Cardenas was granted the CUP following a discussion about his building’s lack of street frontage. While the only legal access for the site is a one-lane alley between a building and a row of houses, aerial views indicate that traffic is utilizing a wider, open area south of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks to get to the shop. That open area is owned by Casey Ingenthron, who argued Monday that the 2019 sale of two parcels – once owned by the same person – created the non-conforming, non-frontage parcel that’s now poised to become a repair shop.

Ingenthron had asked the city to force a reversal of the property sales, but staff conformed through legal counsel that it had no authority to reverse any such sales. Cardenas, for his part, said Monday night that he intends to keep customers from driving through Ingenthron’s property by installing fencing between his building and Ingenthron’s land, as well as fencing west of his building. The council subsequently approved the CUP with conditions,

In another matter, council members authorized the collection of unpaid charges for snow removal or weed control from property owners. This will be done through an assessment to be included on those owners’ property tax statements.

The Worthington City Council approves three separate consultant agreement task orders pertaining to engineering projects during their regular meeting on Monday night.

Additionally, the council approves three separate consultant agreement task orders pertaining to engineering projects during their regular meeting.

The first task order concerns the planned Eighth Avenue reconstruction from Ninth Street to its westerly end. The order would allow Bolton and Menk, with which the city has an existing engineering services agreement, to facilitate preparation of a feasibility report for Eighth Avenue’s reconstruction to include water main replacement, sanitary sewer service connection upgrades, regrading, base, curb and gutter, resurfacing and sidewalk reconstruction. The order also includes design services through the bid letting process upon condition that the project is ordered ahead at the public hearing.

The second task order approved by council members involves additional engineering services that will be needed on a temporary part-time basis due to the pending retirement of Assistant City Engineer Jeff Faragher. The city will also utilize an existing engineering services agreement with Bolton and Menk to receive assistance with completing the 2022 capital improvement plan project delivery.

Lastly, the third task order approved Monday will allow the city, as part of its agreement with Bolton and Menk, to facilitate the purchase of right of way easements needed to facilitate construction of a new precast concrete structure that will replace a Fox Farm Bridge next year.

Also approved was a professional services agreement for a Lake Okabena dam feasibility study. The E.O. Olson Trust Fund Committee discussed the condition of the lake outlet dam back in April, and it committed $92,780.36 to the city to perform a feasibility study and condition assessment of the outlet dam.

Short Elliott Hendrickson will perform the work on an hourly basis for a fee not to exceed $49,500.

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