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Bruce Viessman to retire Friday from Sanford

After 36 years of leadership, Bruce Viessman, vice president of operations for the Sanford Health Fargo network, will retire on Friday.

“Bruce made countless contributions that will have a lasting impact on our organization,” said Tiffany Lawrence, Sanford Fargo president and CEO. “While leading our network, he built meaningful connections with our rural communities and expanded Sanford into the Grand Forks and Devils Lake markets. His dedicated work helped improve access to health care for our most underserved populations.”

Viessman received his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Minnesota State University in Mankato and his master’s of science in management from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall.

Viessman joined Sanford Health in April 2008 as the chief financial officer for the Sioux Falls region and later for the Sanford Health network. In 2017, he became the vice president of operations for the Fargo network. Before joining Sanford Health, Viessman spent 21 years as the chief financial officer for what is now Sanford Worthington Medical Center.

The press release notes that Viessman will be remembered for his infectious laugh, can-do attitude and unwavering dedication to the Sanford network. His understanding of the challenging landscape in rural health care and his unique background played a huge part in making Sanford the premier rural health care system it is today.

“It has been a great honor to have been a part of an amazing team of leaders and staff,” said Viessman. “We have shown our ability to handle change and raise the bar for health care in rural communities and will continue to set the standards for health care delivery in the future."

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