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August was wetter, slightly warmer than average

Worthington recorded a total of 6.57 inches of rain during the month of August, according to statistics supplied by the wastewater treatment plant.

National Weather Service statistics indicate that the average rainfall for the month of August is 3.85 inches. While Worthington has been behind the average for precipitation over the course of the last several months, the community was wetter than normal this past month.

The average high temperature recorded locally, meanwhile, was 80.6 degrees this past month, compared the normal August high of 79.4. The month’s highest temperature in Worthington was 87 degrees, which was reported on the 20th.

The average low temperature during August was 59.8 degrees, which is two degrees warmer than the normal August low of 57.8. The coolest reading of the month in Worthington was recorded on Aug. 22 at 55 degrees.

As far as rain is concerned, it was reported on the following days as follows: .03 inches on Aug. 6, 1.16 on the 7th, .01 on the 8th, .84 on the 9th, trace amounts on the 10th and 11th, .01 on the 20th, 1.08 on the 21st, .15 on the 23rd. a trace on the 24th, .89 on the 25th, .56 on the 27th, .05 on the 28th and 1.79 on the 29th.

Normally, Worthington has 22.78 inches of total precipitation from January through August, according to the National Weather Service. This year, that corresponding total is 19.65 inches, or slightly less than three inches under the average. Thursday’s rains, of course, may do some to close that gap.

The normal average temperature in Worthington from January through August is 56.8 degrees, and the average low is 36.6 degrees. This year, those corresponding numbers are 57.7 and 37.9, respectively.

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