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Area soybean farmers take part in Stepping Up program

The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) is taking another leap forward to highlight environmentally friendly investments from the soybean checkoff.

Nobles County soybean farmers, in partnership with the council, which directs the state’s soybean checkoff resources, are participating in the Stepping Up campaign to amplify farmer profitability and promote the value-added uses of soybeans while making community connections.

Coming on the heels of the successful Driving Soy promotion, Minnesota counties have laced up to promote renewable, value-added soy products and give back to frontline health care workers in their counties. Since the Stepping Up campaign began in summer 2022, more than 50 counties across the state have participated in the campaign, donating more than 3,000 pairs of shoes.

“The Nobles County Corn and Soybean Growers are extremely excited to partner with our local first responders and ambulance crews to donate the Skechers soy-based shoes,” said Dustin Neugebauer, Nobles County Treasurer. “They always are on the frontline in our county, helping people in need and we want to give back to them with something we helped create through our local soybeans.”

As part of the Stepping Up promotional effort, Nobles County is donating 50 pairs of Skechers soy-based GO shoes to Worthington Ambulance, Adrian Ambulance, Leota First Responders, Lismore First Responders, Ellsworth First Responders, Brewster First Responders, Wilmont Responders Rushmore First Responders, Bigelow First Responders and the Round Lake First Responders.

The Stepping Up campaign runs throughout the summer. The statewide effort strives to inform both farming and non-farming public on soy’s environmental advantages and the myriad uses of soybean oil. County leaders also want to show their appreciation to health care workers in their community.

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