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WPD warns of text messaging scam

According to the Worthington Police Department, several Worthington residents have been receiving fake text messages recently that pretend to be from AT&T.

Some of the text messages will offer thanks for a recent payment, while others will claim that you have failed to make a payment and they will shut off your phone service. What both types of text messages have in common is that want you to click on a link in the message.

The WPD warns that once you click on the message, several things could happen. One possibility is that some type of malware could be downloaded onto your cellular telephone. Another possibility is that you will be asked to enter your log in credentials in order to hijack your account so the scammer can order phones and other products on your account.

People who receive texts like this should simply erase them. Those worried that they have missed a payment should call their cellular telephone provider and verify with them your account is current.

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