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WPD warns of scam involving people posing as officers

Worthington and Nobles County residents have been receiving recent telephone calls from someone impersonating local officers and sheriff's deputies, according to the Worthington Police Department.

The callers will tell the potential victim that they have missed jury duty or court, and that they are required to pay a fine or they would be subject to arrest. So far, Sgt. Mark Riley from the Worthington Police Department has been impersonated, as has Sgt. Jay Clarke, who retired from the Nobles County Sheriff's Office earlier in the year.

Anyone receiving one of these calls should simply hang up. The longer they can keep you on the phone, the police department says, they greater the chance they can convince you they are real. Hang up even if it shows the law enforcement telephone number of (507) 295-5400, as phone numbers can be spoofed.

If you are truly concerned or worried about the call being from a real officer, call the Law Enforcement Center at (507) 295-5400 and ask to talk to the officer.

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