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Weber speaks out against Driver's License for All bill

The Democrats’ Driver’s Licenses for All bill passed out of the Senate on Wednesday with party-line votes.

During the floor debate, Senate Republicans proposed amendments highlighting what they say is the lack of safeguards in the bill and how they believe it will make Minnesota susceptible to abuse and fraud. The Senate majority accepted none the of Republican proposals.

Said District 21 Sen. Bill Weber (R-Luverne) in a release statement: “I am supportive of the concept of driver’s licenses for non-citizens and its aim to ensure safer roads. What I find problematic is that this ID will be identical to the license of a legal Minnesota resident. Our driver’s licenses confirm identification in a variety of official capacities, and the Driver’s Licenses for All bill provides cover to those who wish to do us harm.

“And when combined with a Democrat bill that ties automatic voter registration to a driver’s license application, our elections will be severely compromised. We offered an amendment to address this by denoting that the license is for driving privileges only and not for voting usage. The Democrat majority, however, refused to accept this simple fix.”

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