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Weber, GOP leaders propose tax cuts/bonding deal

Republican Tax Lead Bill Weber (R-Luverne) joined Senate Republican leaders earlier this week to present an option for Minnesotans he says are still waiting for tax cuts.

“It’s time for us to recognize that when we have a historic surplus, it is time to bring some tax relief to the people of Minnesota,” Weber said. “We recognize there is a need for a bonding bill, but if you leave the tax bill until the end of session and are looking at a proposed increase of $11 billion in the budget, how much of the surplus will be left for taxpayers? That’s why we need tax relief to be front and center.”

Weber added that Republican leaders want to make sure the bonding bill gets through but are very concerned that the tax cuts get through as well. He said that, as the House debates its bonding bill, "that bill is dead on arrival until we see tax cuts."

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson (R-East Grand Forks) added that while it’s very early for a bonding bill in session, it could easily get done early if Minnesotans first get the tax cuts they need. Said Johnson: “This could be a win-win. We are ready to pass tax cuts and a bonding bill, but we have to put the needs of Minnesotans first.”

“How can we, in good conscience, go back to the taxpayers with a historic nearly $18 billion surplus, and put $2 billion on the state’s credit card and not give a penny of your hard-earned dollars back,” Republican Bonding Lead Karin Housley (R-Stillwater) asked. “Whether we pass a bonding bill today or in May, the bonds are issued in August, so there is no real reason to put borrowing ahead of tax relief for Minnesotans.”

Senate and House Republicans proposed the Give it Back tax plan last week. It totals $13 billion in tax relief including the elimination of the social security tax, income tax cuts, property tax relief, a child tax credit, and rebate checks.

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