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Statewide county leaders gather at Capitol for meetings

More than 250 county commissioners and officials from nearly every Minnesota county were gathering Wednesday at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul as part of “County Day at the Capitol,” organized by the Association of Minnesota Counties.

Officials met with state legislators including key committee chairs and caucus leaders to advocate for their 2022 legislative priorities. They discussed a wide variety of issues including investing in mental health services, supporting the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, expanding statewide broadband infrastructure, transportation funding and more.

“Counties are looking for reinvestments in County Program Aid, as well as to re-balance the state-local funding partnerships from past state budget shortfalls. This will produce better outcomes for required county services but also provide property tax relief,” said Lac qui Parle County Commissioner Todd Patzer, president of the Association of Minnesota Counties. “State investment in counties is critical to keeping local tax levies manageable and maintaining high quality of life for all Minnesotans.”

“County officials are public servants implementing programs mandated by other levels of government. We gathered to advocate for our shared priorities on behalf of the residents of Minnesota’s 87 counties, across ideological and regional lines,” said Ramsey County Commissioner Mary Jo McGuire, 1st Vice President of the Association of Minnesota Counties.

AMC is a voluntary statewide organization of Minnesota’s 87 counties that helps provide effective county governance to the people of Minnesota. Through intergovernmental relations, communications and education, AMC seeks to improve the operation of Minnesota’s county governments and the services that counties provide to their citizens.

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