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Sports Broadcasts week of October 10th

Mon Oct 10 Monday Night Football Raiders AT Chiefs! 6:30 FAN pre-game on KWOA The Fan

Tue Oct 11 Trojans boys soccer Vs. New Ulm at sections, 7pm on FM 104.3 The Bridge

Wed Oct 12 U of M Golden Gopher Volleyball on KWOA! 7:00 PM ,Minnesota vs. Ohio State (VB)

Thur Oct 13 Minnesota Wild host the New York Rangers at 6:45 on KWOA the FAN!

Thur Oct. 13 Trojans VB vs. SW Christian, 7:30 p.m. or Trojan's Boys Soccer (if they win Tuesday) 7pm on FM 104.3 The Bridge

Sat Oct 15 U of M gopher football AT Illinois 9am pregame on KWOA.

Sat Oct. 15 Bluejays FB vs. Minnesota State, 2:30 p.m. on FM 104.3 The Bridge

Sat Oct 15 3:00 PM Volleyball, Minnesota vs. Illinois on KWOA The Fan

Sat Oct 15 Minnesota Wild Hockey VS Los Angeles, 6:45 pre-game on KWOA the FAN!

Sun Oct 16 Fantasy Football forecast 6a-630 on KWOA

Sun Oct 16 NFL Preview 6:30-7am on KWOA

Sun Oct 16 NFL Insider 7am-8am on KWOA

Sun Oct 16 Vikings Football Sunday at 10am, Network pre-game at 11a Vikings AT Miami on KWOA The Fan.

Sun Oct 16 T The NFL on KWOA! TBD, 3:45 start, join after Viking fanline

Sun Oct 16 Sunday night football ! Dallas AT Philadelphia, 6:30 on KWOA!

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