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Sports Broadcasts week of November 14th

Mon Nov 14 Monday night football! The Commanders AT the Eagles, 6:30 on KWOA The Fan

Tue Nov 15 The Minnesota Wild AT Nashville, KWOA the FAN pre-game at 6:45PM

Tue Nov. 15 Trojans girls hockey vs. Mankato West, 7 p.m. on FM 104.3 The Bridge

Wed Nov 16 The Minnesota Timberwolves AT Orlando, 5:30 KWOA the FAN pre-game!

Thur Nov 17 At 6:45 PM The Minnesota Wild host Pittsburgh on KWOA the FAN!

Fri Nov 18 On KWOA the FAN, Big Ten Men’s Hockey: The U VS Michigan at 4:30 PM

Sat Nov 19 U of M gopher football at 1pm on KWOA the FAN! Minnesota VS Iowa.

Sat Nov 19 NCAA football! Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma. Pre-game TBD, on KWOA

Sat Nov 19 The Minnesota Wild host Carolina at 6:45 on KWOA the FAN!

Sun Nov 20 Fantasy Football forecast 6a-630 on KWOA The Fan

Sun Nov 20 WW1 NFL Preview 6:30-7am on KWOA The Fan

Sun Nov 20 WW1 NFL Insider 7am-8am on KWOA The Fan

Sun Nov 20 Viking Football Sunday at 11am, network at 2:30, Vikings VS Dallas on KWOA The Fan

Sun Nov 20 After Vikings Sunday night football on KWOA! Bengals AT Steelers, 6:30 on KWOA!

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