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Six Nobles Home Initiative hearings set for Monday

Six public hearings, each to consider Nobles Home Initiative applications submitted by JBS for single-family homes to be built in what’s known as the DK Addition, will be hosted during Monday’s Worthington City Council meeting.

The requests for tax abatement for the planned homes coincides with plans for the JBS Hometown Strong Housing Development project. A JBS gift of $1,784,000 helped create a Revolving Loan Housing Fund to develop and provide the homes, which will be located in southeast Worthington.

JBS team members will be given priority consideration to apply for a loan of $15,000 to be used toward a down payment. The homes will be located in the 2200 block of East Avenue.

Also scheduled for Monday is consideration of an amendment to the conditional use permit for Igelesia Pentecostal Unida Hispana that allows the operation of a church at 500 Stower Drive. The proposed amendment would allow for new property to be included with the permit. This newly acquired property will allow the applicant to expand their building and meet parking requirements.

Additionally, the second reading of a proposed rental ordinance that represents a text amendment to a section of city code will be read and considered for approval. The proposed amendment establishes minimum standards for rental units, inspections of rental units and enforcement mechanisms. It makes changes to the rate of inspections, provides for administrative fines and makes some clean-up changes to the existing code.

Three approved readings of the ordinance are required for it to take effect. A third and final reading is scheduled Monday for a text amendment that allows food trucks to obtain an annual operating license in the city of Worthington, rather than the current seasonal license. The required fee would be changed from $500 to $750.

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