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Rain brings dangers of flooding as more is forecast

A flood watch is in effect for parts of Minnesota as the National Weather Service says heavy and persistent rain is expected over the course of the week. 

Water levels on the Iowa Great Lakes, meanwhile, were quickly rising once again following the heavy rain that came over the weekend. Severe storms that brought 50 to 60 mph wind Monday morning again caused damage to docks, boats and hoists, particularly on Big Spirit Lake.

Some areas of the Minnesota and the tri-state region could get six inches of rain or more before the weekend. Already this week, data measured at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Worthington indicates that 2.52 inches of new rain has fallen since Sunday through 7 a.m. Tuesday. 

Some nearby communities have already received more than three inches of rain, and the forecast showing an extra six inches of rain could easily cause flood conditions in the surrounding area. If the weather turns bad, make sure to check your local forecast, and don’t drive through water.

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