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Humiston/Oxford intersection won't have roundabout

The Worthington City Council on Wednesday reached a consensus on plans for reconstruction of Humiston Avenue between its intersection with Oxford Street and Interstate 90.

During a special meeting, council members agreed that a roundabout will be built at the intersection of Ryan’s Road and Humiston Avenue. There will not be a second new roundabout, though, as the council moved forward with a plan to keep the current four-lane structure along Humiston Avenue as well as a traffic signal at Oxford.

Representatives of the Minnesota Department of Transportation attended the meeting and gave a presentation reviewing the alternatives for the planned Humiston Avenue redevelopment as well as a recap of public engagement in providing feedback on the proposed work. One key component of that feedback was soliciting opinions on the four choices provided for the Oxford and Humiston intersection, which included: two lanes and a roundabout at Oxford Street; two lanes and a signal at Oxford Street; four lanes and a roundabout at Oxford Street; and four lanes and a signal at Oxford Street.

A total of 425 people provided input on Humiston Avenue alternatives and priorities. One opportunity to give feedback came at a July 12 public open house, while others were during the International Festival on July 15 and the Farmers Market on July 18. Of the four alternatives, choice four -- four lanes and a traffic signal -- was preferred by the public, and that’s the option the council ultimately agreed upon Wednesday.

A four-lane reconstructed Humiston Avenue, besides having the roundabout at Humiston and Ryan’s Road, would include a center median and allow for right turns in and out of Ray Drive as well as Darling Drive. Access otherwise would require traveling through the roundabout.

There was considerable discussion of this component Wednesday, as MnDOT stated a two-lane Humiston Avenue would allow a left turn on to Ray Drive but no left turn on to northbound Humiston. One could also turn on to Darling Drive, but not make a left from there on to Humiston, with the proposed two-lane arrangement.

MnDOT officials will now proceed with a detailed design of the council’s preferred alternative. A MnDOT/City/County meeting is expected to take place this fall. Construction is expected to begin in 2027.

In a separate matter Wednesday, council members heard a presentation from contracted engineers Bolton and Menk on multiple options for the 2024 planned Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue reconstruction project and gave feedback on the type of amenities they preferred. Bolton and Menk will use what it heard to continue moving forward with plans for the work.

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