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Fogelman opposed to new tax on home deliveries

District 21B Rep. Marj Fogelman has issued a press release that states her opposition to what she says would be a new tax on home deliveries.

Fogelman says that under the measure proposed by House Democrats, people would be paying an extra 75 cents every time someone delivers something to your house. Fogelman, a first-term Republican from Fulda, called the measure "a solution in search of a problem,” adding that there's no reason to raise any taxes with a $17 billion surplus -- "especially on people who are unable to drive and need to have deliveries brought to their home."

Fogelman serves on the Minnesota House Transportation Finance and Policy Committee, which recently discussed the proposed bill. She said House Democrats want the 75-cent delivery tax placed on items or prepared food that are delivered to your front door. This includes everything from Amazon packages to pizza delivery, she adds.

Under the DFL-proposed bill, the tax would begin on July 1, 2024. Proponents say they're searching for new ways to fund transportation and transit, especially ways that won't face the same declines in revenue versus inflation that the 28.6 cent-per-gallon gas tax has.

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