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Council to consider services for stormwater pond

A light agenda is in place for Monday’s Worthington City Council meeting.

Council members are scheduled to consider approval of engineering services for the purchase of land for construction of a stormwater pond. A Federal Transportation PROTECT grant in the amount of $200,000 has been approved for the purchase of property to construct a stormwater pond along County Ditch 12 south of Oxford Street. This land purchase will allow for a holding pond to be constructed.

This project, along with other planned projects, will allow for 76 structures to be removed from the FEMA flood plain requirements. The city has until June 30, 2024 to complete the purchase. The council on Monday will consider approving the hiring of a consultant to complete this process and allow city staff to enter into an agreement for services to start the acquisition process as soon as possible.

In a related matter, council members will also consider approval of staff’s hiring of AE2S consultants to continue to provide services for identifying funding sources and applying for funding to construct stormwater improvements.

The city has worked with AE2S consultants over the past years to identify flooding issues in the community and obtain funding to do projects that will reduce flooding. Phase 2 drainage improvements along County Ditch 12 have been identified and projects are ready to be implemented as soon as funding can be obtained.

A closed session of council is also scheduled Monday to discuss the possible purchase or sale of real or personal property.

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