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Community meeting on Jackson pool is May 29

The Jackson County Central School Board of Directors and the city of Jackson will be having a public meeting on the future of the community's pool at 6:30 p.m. May 29 in the JCC High School Auditorium. 

After not taking any public comment during their last meeting to hammer out details, the two groups are coming together for a presentation to the public about the pool, where public members will have the opportunity to ask questions or share concerns. 

The meeting will be in four parts. The first section will be a pool presentation, to give new and old information out to the public and participants. The second part will be frequently asked questions being addressed by the school, followed by an outright Q and A time for the public to say anything on their mind about the pool and get answers to questions they may have. The last part of the meeting will be a discussion of fundraising opportunities.

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