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CAL'S racquetball courts on agenda for Monday meeting

Work is planned at the Center for Active Living to restore the facility's racquetball courts, but one court is planned to be converted into additional meeting space.

During Monday's Worthington City Council meeting, council members will consider professional services agreements pertaining to the CAL's racquetball courts, which experienced significant water damage to floors, walls and ceilings as a result of roof leakage that occurred last year.

This area of the building has since been re-roofed, and planned repair work is intended to fully restore both racquetball courts to their original condition. Restoration work, along with architectural and engineering professional services, is covered under the city's League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) policy. A proposal from the city's architect, Short Elliott Hendrickson, includes design, bidding and construction administration services at a cost of $15,800.

Additionally, Short Elliott Hendrickson has presented a proposal that details modifying one of the racquetball courts into a meeting room. The changes would be completed in a manner that may allow conversion back to a fully functional racquetball court in the future should popularity of this sport pick up once again.

This work is not covered by the city's insurance and will be paid with undesignated, unreserved funds. Professional services would be performed by Short Ellott Hendrickson, if approved, for a lump sum fee of $14,800. Modifications planned include: carpeted flooring over the newly installed court surface; installation of acoustical wall panels; a suspended acoustical ceiling system; installation of lighting, power and data; and modifications of the existing HVAC systems.

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