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Weekdays noon to 1 p.m.

Midday Madness

Listen weekdays from 12-1, and don’t forget to get your requests in to Hayley Brandl at It’s a Midday Madness! Hayley brings you the stories you might find interesting, the random facts you will never use, the stats and surveys that might be relatable to you, and much more!


Hayley has been with Radio Works for 6 years and is a personality on all of our FM stations. She is also the one in charge of all the commercials you hear! She is married two Sam and has two cool kids named Marlee and Karic. Hayley also does full time photography on the side and specializes in Boudoir (that’s the nakie pics, gents). When Hayley is not on air or doing photography, she enjoys being a couch potato and sometimes hanging out with her kids.

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