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Take ADVANTAGE of the Radio Works and Oak Hill Outdoor Advantage for your chance to win a key for a 1 in 100 chance of winning a brand new Tracker OX400 Utility Vehicle on Friday, June 24!

Stop out to our registration events and drop your name in the box for a chance to win a key. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Get an extra ADVANTAGE when you play a quick game of cornhole! At each event, you will have the option to toss 3 bags in a game of cornhole. If you make all 3 in, you get an additional 9 entries! If you make 1 in, you get an additional 3 entries! If you make one on the board and one in the hole, you get an extra 4 entries..and so on and so forth! 

You can also win a key by tuning in to US95 every day and listening for the Outdoor Advantage Sounder! Basically, it's old school Tarzan with an old school car horn. You literally can't mistake it for anything else! Once you hear it, be caller 18 at 507-372-5962 and you will win a key to the Tracker OX400!

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Worthington YMCA
WINNER - Jesse Larson

WINNER - Ronnie Kline

Southwest Hearing Technologies
WINNER - Jami Wahl

GreatLife Golf & Fitness
WINNER - Anthony Lumsden

Johnson Builders & Realty
WINNER - Harvey Kruger

Worthington Tax & Business Services
WINNER - Greg Leckband

Big Orv's
WINNER - Heather Balk

American Bank & Trust
WINNER - Josh VonHoldt

Papik Motors - Sibley
WINNER - Dave Kuehl

Worthington Liquor Store
WINNER - Dan Frisch

State Farm - Jason Vote
WINNER - Deb Lorang

Anderson Alignment
WINNER - Heather Graber

Wilmont Saloon No. 7
WINNER - Paul Kepka

75 Diner in Luverne
WINNER - Tony Kunkle

Rune's Furniture
WINNER - Steve Zandstra

Culligan of Worthington
WINNER - Lon Standafer

The Stag
WINNER - Shana Darger

Ameriprise Financial Quest Wealth Management - Elwin Aggen
WINNER - Carrie Henning

Brown's Shoe Fit
WINNER - Chardell Jenkins

Graham Tire
WINNER - Douglas Johnson

Adrian Family Dental
WINNER - Halle Heitkamp

Oak Hill Outdoor
6/24/2022 Final Chance Giveaway Day!

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Pipestone

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-You may only register for yourself -Limit one entry per person per day -Participants must

Have you won a key? Here are the Outdoor Advantage Giveaway Details:


· FRIDAY, June 24th!

· OAK HILL OUTOOR located on the corners of Hwy 71 and 86 in MILFORD, IA.

· Registration begins at 5:30Pm and must be completed by 6:30Pm. Current KEY holders may not transfer their KEY to another person, YOU must be present. You will need your driver’s license or some form of legal picture ID to confirm your identity.

· Anyone who does not have a KEY will also be able to enter for one of our several last chance final KEYS to be given away that day; PLEASE NOTE only one KEY per household & per immediate family will be allowed. All station rules still apply.

· Once registered, take part in the food and beverage options and sounds provided by DJ Barry Roberts and check out all of exciting Oak Hill Outdoor Showroom floor items.

· If you are a KEY winner, but are not registered by 6:30pm, we will be forced to give your KEY to someone else.

· At 6:30pm, we will move on with the 100 PASS winners & start the process of lining up according to the random number pulled at registration. Then once in order, we will be drawing to reveal the winner and will plan to have completed at approximately 7:30pm.


After the WINNING pass has been determined, we will make arrangements for the legal work and transfer of the actual product the following week during business hours with Radio Works VP/GM, Chad Cummings. We will work hard to make this process simple for you. Remember, all legal requirements of tax, title, and license will need to be completed before you will be able to take possession, or you will forfeit the prize.



Thanks for your support and participation, and most of all, GOOD LUCK!!!


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