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Sep 28thJosh from New Vision Coop has a harvest update
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Sept 27thDan Uttech from breaks down the next USDA report's potential impact on corn and bean prices.
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September 21stOn this Winfield radio from Cullen updates early corn and soybean yields.
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Sept 20Dan Uttech of explains why new vision is offering a reduced price to dry corn.
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Sept 15It's Ag Week at Worthington High School! Wes and Caden drove a tractor to school!!
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September 14thIt's AG WEEk at Worthington FFA! Riley and Bailey are serving as president and vice-president this year!
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September is offering 0% financing! Clare Lepp explains!
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Sept 13Dan Uttech of gives his "what's next?" for the corn and bean market!
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Sept 08Abby and Rosa from the Worthington FFA breakdown next weeks Ag week at the high school.
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Sept 07Dan Uttech lists the bears clawing at this week's grain trade!
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August 31stCullen from has an update on fertilizer prices.
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August 24thWinfield radio with Clare Lepp, Agronomy Sales New Vision Co-op, Jeffers
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New Vision Coop is now offering a zero percent loan financing program that is fast, flexible, and convenient. Kayla O'Connor, Agronomy Sales at New Vision Coop explains.
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August 16thDan Uttech from New Vision Coop with a market update
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August 10thCullen Walser from New Vision Coop talks about current topics
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August 9thDan Uttech from New Vision Coop with this week's update
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Aug 02Grain market talk with Dan Uttech from New Vision Coop
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