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Dec 19After 34 years Dan Uttech is retiring! Dan takes us down his memory lane of over 40 years in the Ag business!
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Oct 26thMyranda And Autumn at the National FFA Convention
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Oct 18Shane from New Vision Coop has a harvest update on Winfield Radio
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Oct 17thDan Uttech from New Vision Coop has a market update for the week
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Oct 11thToday's Winfield Radio with Kayla O'Connor
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Oct 10thDan Uttech from New Vision Coop with a market update
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Oct 3rdDan Uttech from New Vision Coop
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Sept 27thOn today's Winfield radio: Clare from New Vision Cooperative, Jeffers!
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Sep 26Dan Uttech from talks about the outside pressures on the grain market.
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Sep 13Winfield Radio from Winfield and New Vision Coop we meet new agronomy team member Blake Rogers!
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Sept 12thDan Uttech from says..... "Hold onto your britches, the corn market could get interesting."
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August 22ndDan Uttech from New Vision Coop
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Aug 15Dan Uttech from urges farmers to pay attention to the marketing signal a "market inverse" gives
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Dan Uttech from thinks the recent corn and bean price run up is a great opportunity to update the marketing plan!
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July 19On today's Winfield Radio.... an update with Jeffers summer intern Jacob.
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July 18New Vision Coop grain market talk with Dan Uttech
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July 12Winfield Radio from New Vision Coop and Winfield we meet summer intern Taylor Ponto!
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Dan Uttech from is part of the Agronomy/Grain market update meetings this week! The schedule is at
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June 27Dan Uttech from New Vision Coop is asked: "is the grain market bull run OVER?!?!"
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June 20New Vision Coops Dan Uttech is anticipating a BIG report from the USDA at the end of the month.
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June 14thWinfield Radio from New Vision Coop we meet one of the agronomy department summer interns.
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June 6thDan Uttech from says the current corn and bean basis level should be used as a major market indicator.
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May 4Worthington FFA Seniors Matthew, Luke, and Drew recap a successful state convention for the local chapter.
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May 02A May market outlook with Dan Uttech of New Vision Coop.
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April 25Dan Uttech from with marketing thoughts for old and new crop soybeans.
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Dan Uttech from shares thoughts on how aggressive to be selling corn for over $7.00 off the combine this fall
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April 12thCullen talks about spring planting from New Vision Coop
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April 11 2022Does corn want to go test out its old-time highs from 2012 up at $8.24?
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April 6Worthington FFA students are competing this month for a trip to the state convention!
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Dan Uttech from reacts to the number of soybean acres the USDA says American farmers will plant this spring!
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Mar 29Clare from the New Vision Coop agronomy team is ready for spring!
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Mar 28Dan Uttech from urges marketing caution when watching for a potential wedge formation on the chart.
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March 22Kayla O'Connor, Agronomy Sales at New Vision Coop has this week's update.
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Dan Uttech from New Vision Coop does a breakdown on how big of a crop producer Ukraine is and the potential global price impact
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March 15thSpring has SPRUNG in Brewster! Cullen has an update from the New Vision Coop agronomy department.
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Dan Uttech of is asked...... "is there ANY reason a farmer should have ANY old crop corn or beans in the bin?"
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March 11thNobles County farmer Bill Gordon is enjoying New Orleans, the site of the 2022 Commodity Classic!
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March 07Trade Action Last Week: Corn +96.5 Soybeans +72.0 Wheat +$3.49 WOW! says Dan Uttech from New Vision Coop
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Mar1stClare from the agronomy news with an updated on exciting plant health promotion that has been extended!
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Feb 28Dan Uttech from reflects on how to operate a marketing plan during extreme market volatility!
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Feb 15New Vision Coop agronomy team member Cullen Walser with a fertilizer price and supply update!
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Feb 14Dan Uttech from says.............................
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Feb 7thGrain market thoughts from Dan uttech of New Vision Coop
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Feb 02It is a busy time of the year for the Worthington FFA chapter!
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Jan 25Clare Lepp, Agronomy Salesperson at New Vision Co-op updates a Plant Health Promotion available for the '22 growing season.
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Jan 24thCorn and bean market talk with New Vision coops Dan Uttech.
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Jan 17thDan Uttech from is asked if the corn and bean market has put in a top??
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Jan 13Dan Uttech at encourages farmers to update their marketing plan after the January 12 USDA report!
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Jan 11Cullen from the agronomy team updates a tight chemical supply situation facing farmers this winter.
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Jan 10thWednesday is the BIGGEST USDA report of the year! Dan Uttech of New Vision coop previews
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Jan 05Alex from the WHS FFA covers it all!
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After 9 years of leadership with the American Soybean Association Nobles County farmer Bill Gordon has retired from the ASA board
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Dec 15Kayla O'Connor from the agronomy team shares details about the Truterra program for carbon credits.
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Matt Ashton CEO of New Vision Cooperative. At the coop's 23rd annual meeting Monday over $10M dollars was returned to member owners!
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December 13thDan Uttech from New Vision Coop:
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December 6thKey corn and soybean market thoughts this week from Dan Uttech from New Vision Coop
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Nov 30New Vision Coop is building at its Brewster location! Shane Freese is part of the New Vision seed team!
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Nov 29New Vision coop's Dan Uttech breaks down the corn and soybean price chart for some marketing plan clues.
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Agronomist Clare Lepp we talk about how many acres New Vision Coop rigs have been across this fall.
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Nov 22ndDan Uttech of New Vision Coop, Brewster, outlines grain market influences this week.
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Nov 16Kayla from the agronomy team encourages farmers to make next spring plans as soon as possible!
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Nov 15Dan Uttech from New Vision Coop urges grain marketing CAUTION!
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Nov 8thDan Uttech at previews this week's USDA crop report.
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Sep 28thJosh from New Vision Coop has a harvest update
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Sept 27thDan Uttech from breaks down the next USDA report's potential impact on corn and bean prices.
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September 21stOn this Winfield radio from Cullen updates early corn and soybean yields.
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Sept 20Dan Uttech of explains why new vision is offering a reduced price to dry corn.
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Sept 15It's Ag Week at Worthington High School! Wes and Caden drove a tractor to school!!
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September 14thIt's AG WEEk at Worthington FFA! Riley and Bailey are serving as president and vice-president this year!
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September is offering 0% financing! Clare Lepp explains!
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Sept 13Dan Uttech of gives his "what's next?" for the corn and bean market!
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Sept 08Abby and Rosa from the Worthington FFA breakdown next weeks Ag week at the high school.
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Sept 07Dan Uttech lists the bears clawing at this week's grain trade!
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August 31stCullen from has an update on fertilizer prices.
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August 24thWinfield radio with Clare Lepp, Agronomy Sales New Vision Co-op, Jeffers
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New Vision Coop is now offering a zero percent loan financing program that is fast, flexible, and convenient. Kayla O'Connor, Agronomy Sales at New Vision Coop explains.
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August 16thDan Uttech from New Vision Coop with a market update
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August 10thCullen Walser from New Vision Coop talks about current topics
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August 9thDan Uttech from New Vision Coop with this week's update
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Aug 02Grain market talk with Dan Uttech from New Vision Coop
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