HEAT mobilized in Windom

WINDOM – An alleged report of shots fired at a residence in Windom Monday morning has mobilized the High risk Entry and Arrest Team known as HEAT, comprised of officers from southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa, to the scene.

While white-out conditions slowed the HEAT team’s response, Windom Police Officers armed with assault rifles could be seen at the corner of Ninth Street and Third Avenue behind a squad car.

Windom's PM Beef sold; to become pork processing plant

WINDOM – According to the Star Tribune, the PM Beef plant in Windom has been sold to former Comfrey native Glen Taylor, who, along with a partner, plans to convert the facility to a state-of-the-art pork processing facility.

Taylor said he is hopeful they can hire back a number of the employees who worked at PM Beef before the plant shut down in December. More than 260 people lost their jobs when the plant closed, with the former president citing deteriorating industry conditions and rising cattle prices as the reason for the closure.

Fraga guilty, sentenced to life with no release

MARSHALL – After 5 hours of deliberating, a jury of 12 found Josue Fraga guilty of three counts of first-degree and two counts of second-degree murder in Lyon County District County. The jury also found him guilty of all aggravating factors in the case, including Samantha’s vulnerability of age, Fraga’s position of authority over her, all of the injuries he inflicted upon her and his failure to seek prompt medical attention.

Fraga has now been convicted of murdering his 2-year-old niece Samantha in Worthington in 2008 three separate times. Like the two previous times, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release.

Jury deliberating in Fraga trial

MARSHALL – The jury has begun deliberations in the trial of Josue Fraga, who is accused of murdering his niece Samantha in March of 2008.

Fraga, who is charged with three counts of first-degree and two counts of second-degree murder in the two-year-old child’s death, has been convicted of her murder twice before, but each time the conviction has been overturned. For the third trial, a change of venue was granted and the case moved to Lyon County, even though the murder happened in the city of Worthington.