Appellate Court affirms Cottonwood County conviction

JEFFERS - The 2015 conviction of a Cottonwood County man for assault and possession of a explosive device was upheld Monday by the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Scott Jeffrey Hanson, age 45, of Jeffers, was charged in July of 2014 of several counts of assault and one count of possession of an explosive device after being previously convicted of a violent crime. He was convicted of four felony counts in January of 2015.

May 25 news

WORTHINGTON - The Nobles/Murray Joint Board of Commissioners acting as Drainage Authority for Judicial Ditch 12 determined Tuesday that the cause of silt problems in that ditch is likely not the cattle located on the Lloyd and Mary Winter farm on Monroe Avenue in Bloom Township.

The joint board convened at noon Tuesday with a public hearing and advice from ditch attorney Kurt Deter, who said if there was a report of an obstruction, if was the duty of the board to figure out what was causing it and then resolve the situation. The purpose of the hearing was fact finding, Deter said.

May 24 news

WORTHINGTON - Even with a stormy background, the Worthington City Council had a relatively quiet night on Monday, working through a full agenda rather quickly.

During a public hearing, city engineer Dwayne Haffield presented several options for improvements of Bioscience Drive west of County Ditch 12, explaining that the schedule originally driven by an impending purchase of one of the lots is no longer happening, which gives the city a chance to start with just sanitary sewer and water with a longer alignment creating longer blocks of land. The council, after hearing several options, decided to pursue the longer alignment.

Coalition urges folks to buckle up

WORTHINGTON - The Nobles County Safe Roads Coalition is hoping people will look down and buckle up. A reminder for people to fasten safety belts, or buckle up, was painted in several areas of the Sanford Worthington Medical Center lot, in the Nobles County Government Center lot and in the Centennial Beach lot Thursday.

According to Worthington Public Works Director Todd Wietzema, one of the coalition members, there are other areas he would like to see the reminder stenciled in the future. He and Worthington Police Sgt. Brett Wiltrout will be compiling a list of places they would like to see the sign, and will also take requests from entities that would like it in their lot.