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WPD gives heads-up about information being handed out on King Turkey Day

The Worthington Police Department is informing the public in advance of Saturday's King Turkey Day about a group that will be handing out materials during the celebration.

The WPD notes that a group of Sovereign Citizens, known as the Minnesota Assembly, has the constitutional right to hand out their materials and pass on their beliefs, though people should be cautious on acting in anything that they say. The WPD explains that the term "Sovereign Citizen" is a generic name given to various groups of people who generally believe that the government is illegitimate and has no authority over them or their actions. Many of their beliefs are based on faulty or “cherry-picked” understandings of the law and case law, the WPD adds, and their arguments are routinely dismissed in court.

As an example, the WPD indicated, a member of the Minnesota Assembly told someone a particular identification card was valid as a Minnesota’s Driver’s License and as a permit to carry a concealed handgun – information that wasn’t correct and could lead a person to be cited or arrested if observing this direction. That identification card does not replace the need to get a driver’s license and it does not replace a permit to carry.

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