Worthington Winterfest Medallion Hunt clues

Updated: Jan 14

The Worthington Winterfest Medallion has been found by Kalen Brands and his family! Congratulations!

Here's a list of all of the clues for this hunt, including the ones that were not published.

Clue #1 We made it to 2021. The past year sure was bleak. But now it’s time for Winterfest fun, And the joy of hide and seek!

Clue#2 Take note of the clues,

And solve the big mystery.

I’ll be in a place

Where you’ll also find history.

Clue #3 We honor those who’ve gone away, And those who shaped our city. A place to laugh, a place to play, A place for all things pretty.

Clue #4 If you can’t find me by yourself,

Band together with someone else.

No matter how many – is there four or just one?

Go find the drive to get the job done.

Clue #5 A place to go, you can sit down and listen,

Admire the show and things that glisten.

Sounds of the past from those with the knack,

Reach out and find me behind the brown plaque.

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