Worthington Theater Update

Among several topics on Mondays Worthington City Council meeting was an update from Todd Frager. Covid caused the theater industry many tough challenges and some of them included not only the delayed or direct to streaming release of several new movies, but acquiring theater components to be maybe the largest. Frager stated via phone call to City Council that those issues are now being addressed and items like screens and seating to become readily available. One example Frager gave was a company they were getting quotes from going out of business, then in the fall, coming back, only to again shut down operations. Frager happily reported that “my vendors reported last week that those items are now ready and they see no issues”. Frager estimates that within the next week or two the first items to arrive. From there he estimates 4 weeks to install and be ready. His target date for a huge release Fast and Furious showing in Worthington is late June. More updates will be coming as soon as items start to arrive.

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