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Worthington Speedway results: July 1, 2023

The Worthington Speedway hosted a regular night of racing Saturday that also included Outlaw Mini Mods action. The following are results:

After Hours Graphics Bombers Feature: 1. 3-Brian Campbell, Sioux Falls; 2. 2X-Walter Kiggins, Sioux Falls; 3. 22H-Cody Hansen, Edgerton; 4. 165-Robert Thompson, Sioux Falls; 5. 66-Todd Koppen, Rushmore; 6. 16-Scott Jones, Sioux Falls; 7. 76-Aaron Fischer, Brewster.

J&K Poultry Outlaw Mini Mods: 1. 24-Jesse Logan, Spencer, Iowa; 2. 29-Brandon VanKlompenburg, Orange City, Iowa; 3. 14-Florence Drost, Rushmore.

Wyffels Hybrids IMCA Hobby Stocks Feature: 1. 27-Malik Sampson, Worthington; 2. J3K-Jaeden Strandberg, Worthington; 3. 16B-Zachary Bierman, Adrian; 4. 23-Jordan Ahlers, Slayton; 5. 16X-Blake Luinenburg, Reading; 6.5-Jeremy Johnson, Worthington; 7. 14-Ernie Daley, Worthington; 8. 9-Trevor Iverson, Welcome; 9. 32-Nate Regnerus, Sioux Center, Iowa; 10. 81-Travis Vanden Top, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 11. 09C-Christy Moffat, Sioux City; 12. 23M-Kent Miller, Milroy.

Big Orv's IMCA Modifieds Feature: 1. 7-Sam Hoffman, Three Forks, Mont.; 2. 25-Ricky Stephan, South Sioux City, Neb.; 3. C5-Chris Palsrock, Sibley, Iowa; 4. 7S-Todd Stinehart, Waseca; 5. 15JR-Cole Bents, Rushmore; 6. 45R-Dyllan Ricks, Boyden, Iowa; 7. XX-Jordan Rogotzke, Sanborn.

Schuett Auto Body IMCA SportMod Feature: 1. 48-Tommy Tanner, Hinton, Iowa; 2. 00-Colby Fett, Algona, Iowa; 3. 44-Cameron Vande Weerd, Alton, Iowa; 4. 21-Connor Vande Weerd, Alton, Iowa; 5. 221-Blake Arends, Little Rock, Iowa; 6. 20-Brayden Ahlers, Slayton; 7. 88N-Nate Albrant, Clear Lake, Iowa; 8. R6-Danny Myrvold. Westbrook; 9. 22J-James Jenkins, Estherville, Iowa; 10. 3B-Blake Andrews, Estherville, Iowa; 11. XA-Alissa Palsrock, Estherville, Iowa; 12. 88-Dan Wagner, Sioux City; 13. 79W-Bill Wegner, Armstrong, Iowa; 14. 37V-Levi Verdoorn, Archer, Iowa; 15. 5B-Tim Bergerson, Eagle Lake; 16. 54J-Doug Hykemann, Wynot, Neb.

Sybesma Graphics Sport Compacts Feature: 1. 24R-Nathan Recker, Granville, Iowa; 2. 1-Chase Felix, Sioux City; 3. 11-Justice Limoges, Sioux City; 4. 29X-Jason Bolte, Odin; 5. 07-Brooke Osler, Milford, Iowa; 6. 04Z-Zach Vande Kieft, Westbrook; 7. 28C-Christopher Vande Kieft, Westbrook.

Worthington Glass IMCA Stock Cars Feature: 1. 7L-Jeffrey Larson, Reading; 2. 17-Trecor Holm, Chandler; 3. 17X-Justin Luinenburg, Reading; 4. 14-Jason Fisher, Lakefield; 5. F1-Levi Feltman, Jackson; 6. 20K-Spencer Kalass, Luverne; 7. 22N-Gage Noyes, Sibley, Iowa; 8. 04-Roger Verdoorn, Sibley, Iowa; 9. 11-Trent DeGroot, Worthington.

The Midseason Championships is scheduled for this coming Saturday night at Worthington Speedway. Hot laps will begin at 6:30 p.m., with racing to follow.

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