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Worthington's 2021 weather was warmer, drier than normal

Worthington weather for 2021 wound up warmer and slightly drier than average, according to data compiled at the Worthington Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The normal average temperature in Worthington from January through December is 54.6 degrees, and the average low is 34.4 degrees. This year, those corresponding numbers are 56.6 and 36.5, respectively.

The average high temperature recorded locally, meanwhile, was 33.5 degrees this past month, compared to the typical December high of 27.9 degrees. The month’s highest temperature in Worthington was 56 degrees, which was reported on the 16th. A high temperature of 54 degrees was reported on Dec. 2.

The average low temperature during December was 15.1 degrees, which is slightly more than three degrees warmer than the normal December low of 11.8. The coldest reading of the month in Worthington was recorded on Dec. 30 at minus-four degrees.

In terms of precipitation, Worthington had a measured total of .72 inches of moisture during the month of December. Comparatively, National Weather Service statistics indicate that the average rainfall for the month of December is .88 inches. Meanwhile, a total of 8.6 inches of snow fell in the previous month; that figure matches the average.

The past month’s rain brought the total for 2021 to 29.06 inches, which is a little less than an inch and a half below the average January-through-December total of 30.52 inches. A majority of the past month’s precipitation was measured on Dec. 11, when a total of .41 inches was recorded. Eight inches of snow were also measured on that date. The day with the next-most moisture was Dec. 16, when .24 inches of precipitation was measured.

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