Worthington ISD heads back to full distance learning on Monday

WORTHINGTON – Worthington’s ISD 518 will once again make the move to full distance learning, effective Monday, Nov 2 for a minimum of two weeks, but with COVID-19 numbers going up in the area, the exact amount of time is unknown.

According to information released by the administration, the decision was driven by the district’s top priority – the safety of all ISD 518 students. The administration will continue to work with local and state agencies to determine the safest way to educate students, the release states, while working toward its goal of providing as much in-person learning as possible.

During a Nobles County Commissioner meeting Wednesday morning, the board heard from Public Health Supervisor Michelle Ebbers, who said the recent spike in the county would likely lead to distance learning. It was less than two hours later the district released their decision.

The decision regarding which model of learning will be used by a district is not decided by the county, but Ebbers said the Minnesota Department of Education does speak to the Minnesota Department of Health, which then asks local public health what they are seeing ‘on the ground.’

Ebbers’ advice on how to keep schools open was to ‘remain vigilant’ about the health edicts the state has been putting out all along – wear a mask, respect social distancing, wash hands and stay home if you are sick.

A school official said while they aren’t seeing a rise in numbers at the school, the community numbers are enough to make the change.

Here is the complete news release:

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