Worthington City Council updates EDA

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

WORTHINGTON – The Worthington City Council adopted an updated Enabling Resolution to reform the city’s Economic Development Authority, which spells out who sits on the EDA and details how funds, bonding and TIF Districts will happen.

The EDA will consist of the five sitting members of the council, the mayor and a member of the Water & Light Commission. The Water & Light Commissioner will serve a six year term, and according to Councilor Mike Harmon, that person will be Randy Johnson.

The council talked about when the first meeting will be, but after a date/time conflict with school board meetings was pointed out, Assistant Administrator Jason Brisson said that decision shouldn’t be made until they had calendars in front of them.

The council approved a proposed application for a Point Source Implementation Grant, which Worthington Public Utilities Manager Scott Hain said puts the city in line for potential consideration of a grant that could be used for the construction of a more efficient and updated facility.

Hain said the current wastewater treatment plan began operation in 1962, and its last major renovation was in 1989. An evaluation took place and a facility plan completed in March 2019. The documents showed that much of the existing plan infrastructure is beyond its useful life and that the existing trickling technology is ill-suited to meet future permit conditions. The plan is to convert to suspended-growth biological treatment with rehabilitation of some parts of the system. The current estimated range for the improvements is $18.5 to $22.6 million.

The Point Source funds could cover up to 80 percent of costs related to biological removal up to $7 million. Other funding sources would be reserves and bonding, with the possibility of clean water funds.

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